Athra Thirteen/ Eighteen


Athra: The Darkening World!

It’s here! Athra: The Darkening World, the first graphic novel in the series, to be quickly followed, by two more, is now available, IN All IT’S GLORY, on Amazon!! Seriously, an actual, hard copy graphic novel, one hundred and ten damn pages, and it looks DAMN awesome! Seriously! I have copies. I mean it looks GREAT! Just click the image of the cover (front and back cover, wrap around action) for the Amazon page!!


Right, bros and broettes, Meine Damen und Herren, ladies and gentlemen,

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who’s purchased a copy of Athra: The Darkening World. Many, many thanks. Sales have been good and it’s been great to have a book out there for people to read and enjoy. To celebrate that, I’m planning to add a wall of heroes, purchasers of Athra, to this site, with pictures of heroes with their very own copies of Athra.

In addition, if you purchase Athra: The Darkening World, get in touch with me and I’ll do ten push ups, give my dog treats, and record the experience for posterity.

Speaking of which…

Celebration of Athra sales by means of push ups and giving the dogs treats.

And if that weren’t enough, here’s a picture sent in by effandsteph, a hero who’s a hero because she purchased Athra.


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