Athra Thirteen/Four and Five



Absolutely beautiful outside. Miserable that The Beast (9yr old son) is in school and not here throwing baseball with me.

Garage door no longer busted. Worth the exorbitant price for the parts. So it goes.

Words Used as Blunt Instruments or What I’m Doing, Working On, Reading, and So Forth


Scottish independence. Honestly, I thought the vote would go against independence, but I thought it would be closer. That said, that the vote happened, and that it was as close as it was is, for me at least, rather stunning. As a general rule, you don’t expect people to do radical, unexpected things, such as vote to leave Great Britain because, rather obviously, such radical, unexpected things are pretty rare. And then people surprise you and do something radical and unexpected or walk very close to the line of doing so. That makes me wonder if the vote on independence might be a harbinger of things to come. Given that a great deal of politics seems calcified, unmoving, willing to do nothing, I wonder if the appeal of some great, sudden change will increase markedly.

Garage door is still busted. Perhaps more busted. Utter failure. Admitting defeat and calling a professional.
Kills me. Really kills me. Woke up last night furious with myself that I couldn’t get the damn thing fixed. On the other hand, it’s a garage door, a two car garage door. To say that that’s it’s unwieldly and heavy as sin would be an understatement. I am, therefore, surrendering. I’m in full retreat and settling in for a day of solid work.


Athra Thirteen, another double page. A lot of work went into these two pages. Decidedly great to see the results on the site.

I have to dash, however. Garage door is seriously busted and I have to fix it.

More soon.

Athra on Amazon

Athra on Amazon. Not content merely to destroy all viable competition on the internet, Athra is poised to devastate the world through sales, through the actual, real life exchange of currency for goods. Remember this day. Remember.
Athra One, Two, Three, and Four (the entire first full-length Athra novel, The Darkening World) are now available on Amazon and they look beautiful. Take my word for it. Just beautiful. Well worth grabbing. Talking serious shelf-porn. Or is that shelf-pr0n?

And, need I say it, the complete Athra: The Darkening World, the first graphic novel, coming shortly to Amazon! Get psyched! Like psyched for prom psyched!!!

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