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Smart Pipe. More awesome from Adult Swim

Richard Thompson. The bro’s a serious O.G. (original gangster). Check this out. It’s great.

Journal. 11.23.2014

On a less pleasant, happy, whatever note, my Mom is visiting and it fucking sucks. I’m just miserable. I get away from her for a while and it’s great, and then, one sentence from her, and back to abject goddamn misery. Seriously, I just hate it when she visits. I don’t know. I don’t understand when this happened. I still love her and all, but like is just not happening any more. She’s a nag; she pontificates; she’s critical and judgmental, and, I don’t know, I’m just absolutely goddamn miserable in her presence.

I’ve advanced to the no longer communicating with my mother stage of her visit. So, you know, things are going well.

So this looks pretty great.

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014) – Official Trailer [HD]

Journal: God, I truly hate retail.

I hate retail. I really do. I hate actually having to walk into a store and purchase something.

Actually, that’s not quite right. The store itself, the actual shopping, that’s probably all right. I tend to engage in guerrilla shopping, in and out, hit and run, no one gets hurt, a quick, ruthless strike and then back to base. So that’s pretty bearable.

Arriving at the counter, the register, the check out lane, whatever… That is just so God awful. In those moments, I feel a thousand hammers of despair all striking me at once.


First, because I sometimes have to wait. And patience is really hard for me. Patience is brutal for me, just soul killing. I find I really suffer when I have to wait.

Second, because of the interaction with the poor cashier. I used to like cashiers. And now I hate them. And, I hasten to add, it’s not their fault. I was trying to purchase something the other day, and from the cashier I got “Would you like to donate a dollar to the “Save Children Who Really Deserve to be Saved Fund”? I answered with an exasperated growl and a polite (I hope it was polite) no.

So, fine. Done with that, right? No. No we are not.

From the cashier, “It’s a charity. I know you’ve seen that on ESPN.”

“I haven’t. I don’t have cable.”

“You don’t have cable?”

“I do not.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

At this point we’re squarely in “Shut up and take my money land!”

And it’s not even the money that I object to. I object to the forced interaction. At every register it’s “Would you like to donate to…” If I started doing this, where would I stop? I just want to purchase something and leave. Immediately.

The end of retail… Bring it on. And I write that more in sadness than in anger, though there’s some anger.

All right, there’s probably a great deal of anger.

Athra on Amazon

Athra on Amazon. Not content merely to destroy all viable competition on the internet, Athra is poised to devastate the world through sales, through the actual, real life exchange of currency for goods. Remember this day. Remember.
Athra One, Two, Three, and Four (the entire first full-length Athra novel, The Darkening World) are now available on Amazon and they look beautiful. Take my word for it. Just beautiful. Well worth grabbing. Talking serious shelf-porn. Or is that shelf-pr0n?

And, need I say it, the complete Athra: The Darkening World, the first graphic novel, coming shortly to Amazon! Get psyched! Like psyched for prom psyched!!!

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