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Drawing and Talking / Words Used as Blunt Instruments
NEW!! More on Lists, Cormac McCarthy and the New Yorker!


Drawing and Talking / Words Used as Blunt Instruments

Drawing Athra and talking about the value of making lists, such as lists of great books, sports. Beyond awesome! Beyond!

I forgot all about Afroman. Which is a shame.

Drawing and Talking / Words Used as Blunt Instruments


Want to watch yours truly discuss why planes convinced me that books are better than films? Of course you do. That was a rhetorical question. To be honest, I thought books were better before planes, but planes provided confirmation.

And you can watch me draw Athra while you listen, you art nerd you!

Athra on Amazon

Athra on Amazon. Not content merely to destroy all viable competition on the internet, Athra is poised to devastate the world through sales, through the actual, real life exchange of currency for goods. Remember this day. Remember.
Athra One, Two, Three, and Four (the entire first full-length Athra novel, The Darkening World) are now available on Amazon and they look beautiful. Take my word for it. Just beautiful. Well worth grabbing. Talking serious shelf-porn. Or is that shelf-pr0n?

And, need I say it, the complete Athra: The Darkening World, the first graphic novel, coming shortly to Amazon! Get psyched! Like psyched for prom psyched!!!

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